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September 22, 2010
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October 4, 2010
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9 steps to work less and do moreI have written about time management before, a dear subject for a work at home mom like me and freelancers in general. I was recently asked to review “Get-It-Done  Guy’s  9 Steps to Work Less and Do More”, by Stever Robbins, in conjunction to the book launch a few weeks ago.  Anyone can download the first two chapters for free. After reading them, especially the second one about conquering procrastination, I was hooked and ordered the book on the spot.

The book gives you practical, hands on advice on how to erase time wasters in your day and focus your work on what matters most, and get it done fast and efficiently. It is not a brick-sized book; the 213 page book is packed with easy to follow advice and written in an easy to understand language. The fact that Stever Robbins has also done some stand-up-comedy, shows in the way he writes and it is a pleasurable read.

Here is a summary of the 9 steps:

1. Live on purpose – do what is important to you first and foremost.

2. Stop procrastinating.

Stever’s explanation of this chapter is a good example of the way he writes, and I will let it talk for itself: “What is procrastinating except the very art of not doing the very stuff you know is most important? We’ll cover how to nip this in the bud, or at least arrange for someone to kick you into action when you’re delaying. And just in case you’re someone who claims being kicked into action doesn’t work for you, we’ll get out an ostrich feather and tickle you into action instead.” But don’t let this funny talk fool you, the tips are hands on and very realistic.

3. Conquer technology – inbox, pda, computer, voice message, you name it. There is a tip to make these for you instead of you for them.

4. Beat distractions to cultivate focus – put distractions on paper and defer them to distraction times, use focus days, action days and distraction days, stop multitasking, and more…

5. Stay organized. Lots of tips, enough said.

6. Stop wasting time – make sure what you do is important work, limit your options and more

7. Optimize – Changing the way you do things from the familiar way to what’s more effective.

8. Build stronger relationships – You can’t get there alone.

9. Leverage – How to get outsized results from moderate effort.

This is one of the best time management books I have run into. Fun to read, practical tips and well worth the time spent reading it. 😉

Stever Robbins has become famous in the business and education world for his podcasts and expert advice at quickanddirtytips.com.

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