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July 7, 2011
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August 4, 2011
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Judy and Dagmar Jenner posted on their blog Translation Times an exercise, asking other bloggers to share their favorite blogs. I was on vacation in Sweden at the time and thus responding to this call a bit late, but better late than never.

There are many, many excellent blogs about translation and languages for language professionals, and many of them have already been mentioned by other bloggers during this exercise. Therefore I thought I would mention a few “new” translation blogs that have come up and that show a lot of promise. These are also in no particular order.

acgtranslation.com by Aga Gordon, an English-Polish-English translator

The Translator’s Teacup by Rose Newell, a German-English translator

Translation and l10n for dummies by Marta, an English-Ukrainan/Russian translator

Transliteria by Ewa, an English-Polish-English translator

Let’s keep spreading the word about wonderful language blogs. Thank you for the initiative Judy and Dagmar. Now we just have to find time to read them all too. 😉





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  1. Thanks for sharing these, although there plenty of translation blogs which i follow some of them are really good like translation times mention by you and abouttranslation is also among the one which i follow. Let me also try to explore all of them and come up with my comments.