My name’s Tess Whitty. I’m an IT and marketing specialist, helping companies connect with their Swedish customers.

To succeed in the Swedish market you have to stand out. But you already know that. You’re here because you recognize the importance of connecting with your customers. You know that to launch in Sweden it’s got to be in Swedish. It’s true, many Swedes speak English – but do you really want to rely on that for your next product launch?

I’m the link between you and your Swedish customers. You’ve already crafted an online presence that resonates with your US audience. You’ve researched, you’ve profiled, you’ve created client avatars and, most importantly, you’ve listened to their needs.
But now you’re expanding.

With all the excitement comes a little anxiety.

Do we have to start from scratch? What if our message isn’t appropriate? What if nobody buys? And, if it’s engagement you’re after, silence will be anything but golden.

To create something that’s in line with your company message, but in tune with your Swedish audience, you need a Swedish marketer. Even better, you need a Swedish marketer who’s completely bilingual and bicultural.

That’s me.

As one of the most tech savvy countries in the world, the Swedish market is a great choice for US companies. But with this savvy comes selectiveness. Your marketing materials, software solutions and corporate communications must be relevant. They must resonate. Most importantly, they need to read like originals.

You deal in metrics like conversions and click through rates. I deal in the language that allows these to happen.

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  • Full-time Translator since 2003
  • ATA Certified for English into Swedish
  • Qualified/Certified Member of ITI
  • Courses in copywriting and web copy
  • M.Sc. in International Marketing Product Marketing Specialist
  • Education MA in Business Communications and Public Relations
  • M.Sc. in Economics – International Marketing and Business Administration
  • American Translators Association
  • Swedish Association for Professional Translators
  • International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters
  • American Marketing Association

Stockholm is the second most productive tech community in the world per capita; second only to Silicon Valley in the US.

Sweden has a broadband penetration of 100%. Only 10 other countries in the world provide this level of internet access to their citizens.

Sweden is home to five “unicorns”, (Spotify, Skype, Mojang, King and Klarna) the name given to start-ups valued at more than a billion dollars. Not bad for a country with a population of less than 10 million.