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May 1, 2013
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June 2, 2013
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There is now three months left of my 14 month stay here in Sweden. The tickets back to the US are booked, vacation plans are nailed down and we have something going on every weekend from now until we leave. It is quite an exhausting schedule but fun at the same time. My children are still enjoying their stay here, but miss some things from the US, such as their friends of course, but also the school system they are used to, the dance and theater schools they went to and such. My daughter said that she is longing for home so we can have a weekend where we do not go anywhere or have visitors. I guess it is time to slow down a bit.

There are many translation and industry conferences I would still like to attend still, but I have decided to stay locally for the rest of the time and attend and some local networking events. Spring is here and everything is blooming, which is also making me long for vacation. The summer months will mostly be spent on fun family events and travelling, in between focusing on the main work. I will take up some business planning and marketing tasks again once I am settled back into my office in the US.

After 10 months here, I have discovered things I would do if I stayed. There is a co-working office close by with extremely affordable rents. I would certainly rent a space there that. I would also sign up to become a trainer for the national exercise club “Friskis & Svettis”, and enjoy my favorite past time activity even more. I could also sign up for more memberships and become more involved here. BUT, I am not staying here and will move back and pursue my business and interests from Park City, Utah instead. Perhaps I will find the same possibilities there.

Business is going well and I am booked a month out already, which is a nice feeling. Having these long term translation projects makes it easier to plan the balance between work and leisure, which I find very important. I am busy translating internal marketing communication documents and software, plus some small clinical trials assignments.

What are your plans for the summer? Are you working? Travelling? Please share.

Spring in Sweden - a walk in the woods

Spring in Sweden – a walk in the woods

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