Before contacting me

When contacting me about a possible translation job, please provide the following:

  • Full name and address of your company
  • Purpose of text – internal, external, publication etc.
  • Attach document/file to be translated or localized
  • The target audience – engineers, consumers, specialists etc.
  • Subject and scope – amount of pages/words

Company Address & Contact Details

Swedish Translation Services
Park City, UT, USA
Skype: tesswhitty
US Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7)


  • Payment in USD
  • Wire transfers, PayPal and US Checks
  • Minimum translation fee $50
  • Certified translation available
  • Additional services available


Tips before hiring a Translator

Translation can be a complex process, but buying translations does not have to be difficult. Just remember the following:

  • Not everyone who knows two languages can translate well; you need a professional translator.
  • A good translation can produce huge returns on your investment; a bad one can become very expensive for your business.


The language of the original document and the language you want to translate into

Your Deadline

Your proposed deadline and budget

Target Audience

What the translation will be used for and who will read it

Format of Document/Files

If the files are sent in editable format it is easier for the translator to work efficiently, and if the files are in a non-editable format (such as paper or PDF), there might be an extra charge to convert the document into editable format

Reference Material

Glossary or reference material if you have any (not necessary, but helpful if you want the translation to follow a certain style or use the same words as previous material)


Who the translator can contact if there are questions