How much will a translation of my document cost?

Because each document is different in terms of complexity and language style, it is not possible to apply a simple formula to compute the cost of translation.  In order to calculate the price it will cost for a job, I usually need to analyze the material. Most translation costs are based on a per-word rate and I use tools to calculate the number of words. If there are many repetitions, I will usually lower the total price somewhat. If the document is in image format (JPG, TIF, BMP or a non-editable PDF) it takes longer for me to edit, so I typically add a surcharge for those types of files. A surcharge is also applied for overnight turnaround or weekend work. A quoted price includes translation, proofreading and quality control. Please contact me by email and send me the material in order to receive a quote. All translation inquiries are handled as promptly and efficiently as possible.

I have received a lower bid for the same project. Why should I pay more to use your translation services?

Considering how much effort and cost goes into production of the original document, it can be risky to try to cut costs when that document is translated into another language. Translation mistakes can be very costly, both for your image and for your product. A high quality translation by a specialized native speaker shows that you care about how your company is viewed in the target market and can boost your credibility and image. I work only in those fields in which I am specialized and continuously work on polishing my language and writing skills. I have in-depth knowledge not only of the Swedish language and culture, but also of American language and culture. My goal is to provide translations that read as though they were originally written in the target language and culture.  I feel that quality translation is only part of a business relationship.  Customer service is also important, and I aim to provide the best customer care. Many of my clients recognize this and consider quality and professionalism worth paying for.

Can you also provide translations from Swedish into English?

Swedish is my native language and the language I prefer to work in. On occasion, I also provide translations into English, such as for birth certificates, report cards, etc., but then I always have a professional native English translator proofread the document before sending it back to the client. If you need something translated from Swedish into English, I also have several trusted professional colleagues that I can refer you to.

My company is located in Sweden/Europe. Why would I use a translator from the other side of the world?

I am truly a person that is at home in both Europe and the U.S., and I make sure to stay abreast in the Swedish language and culture by frequent and long stays in Sweden, reading and writing in Swedish every day, and by continuously studying the developments of the Swedish language. The time difference (U.S. Mountain Time, which is 8 hours after Swedish time) can actually work to your advantage. You can often send documents (up to 2500 words, depending on work load) for translation at the end of your work day and have them back by the start of your next business day, with no rush charge. I also get up early in the morning to check my e-mail so that my European clients can have replies to their emails by 2-4 pm (14.00-16.00) at the latest.

Why should I use you instead of a translation agency or one of our employees when I need some business material translated?

I specialize in only one language combination and focus all my training and research on this language pair, which can give me an advantage in the amount of knowledge and expertise I can obtain in these languages. After having lived more than 20 years in a Swedish speaking country and more than 10 years in the US, I am well versed in both cultures and languages and have extensive knowledge and insight in both markets. I have worked with translation for over 10 years and during this time I have also studied both translation practice and theory, plus taken every opportunity to improve my Swedish writing skills. Not everyone who knows two languages can translate well and translation is best left to an experienced and professional translator. Getting translation right can produce huge returns on your investment; getting it wrong can be a business disaster. When contracting me, you can rest assured that it is only me doing the translation and I make sure I understand your target audience, and your texts well, creating a closer business relationship with you.

Why can’t I use any of the free translation tools online?

If you need a quick translation just to understand the gist, you can use, or try, an online translation tool, such as Google Translate. However, if you have to be sure you or the target reader understands the text and that it is publication ready, then you should definitely not rely on a translation tool, or machine translation. A quick look online at some of the machine-translated websites will give you reason enough not to.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Payments can be made using PayPal, Moneybookers, company check or wire transfer. For payments from the US or Canada, I prefer check. For any other country I prefer wire transfer or Paypal. Paypal is preferred for amounts under $500, wire transfer for amounts over that. All invoices should be paid no later than 30 days after the invoice date, unless other arrangements have been made beforehand.