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February 17, 2011
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I have with great interest read several blog posts and discussions on pricing, getting paid what you are worth, money matters lately. It is clearly a hot, but sensitive topic for freelancers and freelance translators. I wanted to share a few links to some of the blog posts or discussions I have seen this year. They provide valuable information for all of us.

The amazing story of the tripling budget – Translation Times

… it is not the client’s budget that determines the price, but the length of the source text. We’ve said this before, but here we go again: you are the service provider, and you determine the price.

Why free ultimately pays off – Freelance Folder

You’d think that giving things away would be a sure recipe for freelance financial disaster. But, offering a few freebies can actually help your business in the following ways…

On pricing power – Seth’s blog

If you’re not getting paid what you’re worth, there are only two possible reasons:
1. People don’t know what you’re worth, or
2. You’re not (currently) worth as much as you believe

Money – Money – Money – Musings from an overworked translator

Five money mistakes Freelancers make

Fees – To raise or not to raise – Words to good effect

Examples we can use to educate client on price – ProZ discussion

Educational phrases for rates and prices, pricing method, volume discounts etc.

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