Have you heard about Interlingua – The language you already understand?
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September 21, 2011
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September 28, 2011
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I was reading one of my favorite language journals from Sweden, called “Språktidningen” when I discovered an ad for Interlingua, a language you already understand. Here is an excerpt from Interlingua:

Interlingua non es un lingua artificial, sed un registration del vocabulario de origine latin que es commun a italiano, espaniol, portugese, francese, anglese, germano e russo. Comprensibile a 600 milliones sin studio – con su grammatica minimalisate facile pro totos.

Did you understand it? I did! It is fascinating how much our languages are based on Latin after all, and that we by using the Latin roots can form a language that many of us, from different languages, cultures and countries can understand. If Interlingua would become more common we translators just might lose our jobs. 😉

More information can be found at www.interlingua.com. Enjoy!

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