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June 19, 2012
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July 10, 2012
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In order to get your message across to your target audience you need to hire a professional translator. Here are the reasons why:

This post was posted on my old blog platform and will get new life here while I am away on vacation. This subject has been discussed in many different forums, but deserves repeating, especially these days when machine translation is a very popular subject.

Machine translations can work for some projects, but most translations require a real linguist in order to get the sentence structure, subject matter, cultural aspects, and above all, grammar correct. Many linguists also refuse to proofread or edit a machine translation, simply because it is easier to just retranslate the whole thing.

But perhaps you have a bilingual working in your company and you think that you could use this person to translate your documents? Is bilingual enough? No, in most cases not.

In order to get your message across to your target audience you need to hire a professional translator. Here are the reasons why:

Being bilingual is not enough

Someone may speak two languages well enough to communicate with native speakers, but the skills demanded of translators go beyond effective communication.

It’s not only words

Translators must bridge linguistic and cultural gaps between two groups that cannot speak the same language. This means translating concepts, instead of providing a literal word-for-word version. If it is required to translate documents or to carry on negotiations with a foreign partner, then an incorrect translation (accidentally or due to lack of knowledge) can threaten the business venture with failure.

Language is a living being

Professional linguists must continuously study their working languages, because the body of spoken and written words used by native speakers is constantly evolving.

Computers can read it, but they just don’t get it

Regardless of advances in technology, computers cannot replace translators. Obviously, computers are capable of compiling extremely large databases and providing a translation for a given word or expression within a split second and that is a lot faster than a human brain. However, computers cannot read between the lines and interpret the shades of meaning.

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  1. Ben Jones says:

    Quite right – and as it happens, you’re summarizing some of the points in Chris Durban’s booklet Translation: Getting it Right, which is available free (and in various languages & formats, although not Swedish yet) from the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and similar professional associations.

    • Tess says:

      Thanks Ben! Yes the same kind of points can also be found in Translation: Getting it Right, and other publications, in more or less similar form. I think there is also a guide in Swedish, published by the Swedish Association for Professional Translators, called “Goda råd till köpare av översättningar“.

  2. Mandy says:

    I totally agree you! Professional translators can provide you something that you could hardly expect to get from a freelancer or anybody else. It’s very necessary to make your translated copy looks presentable. Professional translators know the tricks to avoid harsh wordings or anything that could create misconceptions. Here you can surely expect to get much quality service, timely delivery that any freelancer might not be able to do so.