Meeting up with fellow translators in Sweden and discussing payment with American checks
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June 29, 2011
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July 18, 2011
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The Swedish summer weather is showing its best side and we are all enjoying it. It is no wonder the Swedes take four week of vacation during the summer. When the warmth and sunshine is finally here, they sure know how to enjoy it and recharge for the long, dark winter.

Today I had a lovely lunch with fellow members of the Swedish Association for Professional Translators out by the river, in a garden restaurant in the University town of Uppsala. This was a good opportunity for me to market the Swedish certification exam by American Translators Association and discuss translation matters, pricing, clients in Sweden and the US, and future conferences.

One issue we discussed was the problem Swedish translators (and probably translators in Europe) have with American clients who want to pay with check. Swedish banks have abolished checks long ago and do not accept American checks. One option is wire transfer, but it seemed more common with Paypal. Most of my American clients pay me by check. One solution I found for my coming year in Sweden is to have a post box in the US and have a friend or family member deposit the checks for me. How do other translators here deal with payments from American clients? I am interested to hear your options and solutions.

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