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August 28, 2012
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September 7, 2012
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Check payments

I guess relocating is not as smooth and easy as imagined. In order to make it as easy as possible for my clients, I had my mail forwarded to a very trusted friend who will deposit the checks. The problem is that many of the checks do not arrive at her house. The mailman or post office keeps them since I have “temporarily relocated” or sends them back to the customer with the same message. Why some checks make it, and some don’t is a mystery to me. I have called the local post office twice now. The first time many of the held checks did arrive. We will see if more checks arrive after my second call. My conclusion is that the mail forwarding is not working and I will have to open a PO Box. The only reason I did not do that before moving is so that the clients would not have to bother with an address change. Another slight problem is that I will have to go to the post office in person, with two ID:s to open it. My husband is travelling back next week and we will try to have him open the PO Box. In retrospect I should have opened one before I left for Sweden. It would also be easier if the US would move check payments to the past, like most other countries have done already.

Another issue that has turned up is paying for the classes I want to take here in Sweden. I would like to use my American business credit card, but the Swedish system uses invoices that you pay directly from your Swedish bank account. It is easy and work well with a Swedish bank account, but there is no option of paying with a credit card. This means that I will have to use my personal account in Sweden for my business expenses and have my accountant register them accordingly so they are tax deducted the right way and so that they are included in my salary. Complicated!

Apart from struggling with these financial issues, the week has been full of smaller jobs with translation updates or edits. I long to dig into a big juicy translation project soon, especially since my dear children are back in school.

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  3. Catharine says:

    I’ve always found mail forwarding very frustrating.
    On one occasion we moved from a rented apartment to a house we’d bought, but exceptional circumstances meant that we still had the keys to our our old apartment. We regularly dropped by, and we would find mail in our letter box (including important things like correspondence about income tax), even though we’d organised mail forwarding via the post office!