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August 13, 2012
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August 20, 2012
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I am getting used to the new home office and our new, temporary house in Sweden. Money is coming in to my account in the US. However I had to call the post office and inform the mailman that he should indeed forward all the checks to my friend’s house. The workload is getting back to normal after the vacation. This is especially tricky since the kids still have one more week of summer break. I work a lot of mornings and late at night, while getting them prepared for school and seeing new and old friends in the afternoons. I truly enjoy the home office and the only drawback is the somewhat slower internet connection. I am used to lightning-fast wireless and get very frustrated waiting a few seconds more for search results and emails.

This week I have been translating several newsletters and information leaflets for Lions International, a longtime, regular client  that I work for through an agency. Apart from this I have a new interesting project translating business communication materials for an architectural studio focusing on environmental design. I learn a lot about environmentally friendly building techniques and ventilation.

My one hour training proposal for the Swedish Association for Professional Translators turned into a full day interactive training. This is my first full day training ever and I will have to start preparing for it soon. I will teach translators in Sweden about creating websites and marketing themselves through websites.

When I am not working I am busy preserving the fruits from the garden surrounding our rental house. I am preserving plums and apples and soon it is time to harvest the carrots and beets. I feel more domestic than I have ever been during my whole life, but it is fun and a good contrast to my translation work on the computer.

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