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September 22, 2012
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Found in translation - the book

Today is the official launch of the much anticipated book about translation and interpreting “Found in Translation“, by Nataly Kelly and Jost Zetzsche. The book is not just another book aimed at the translation industry, but it is a message to the masses, sharing the love of translation and interpretation, or as they say: “Translation. It’s everywhere you look, but seldom seen. This book will help you find it.” The authors have done a great job marketing the book and I cannot wait to read it. I will have to wait a bit longer though, since I pre-ordered it from our own niche book store “In Trans Book Service”, for pick up at the ATA Conference in San Diego later this month. I did this to support our own business book service, and of course to get it signed by the authors themselves. You can order your own copy from In Trans Book Service, or from Amazon and other online book stores.

I met another engineer at a party recently (I am also married to one), who asked me “Isn’t what you do extremely boring?”. I answered no (of course), and tried to explain the fascinating variations and challenges I run into every day in my job. On the other hand, I thought he had a pretty boring job too. The fact remains that the translation and interpretation professions remain a mystery to many, and I encourage all of you to share the “love” to others. We translators and interpreters do a very important job that the modern world could not do without. A fun way to share is also this link to the Youtube video for the book.


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