Swedish – English Software Localization
Software localization is the localization of software and software strings, so that all your users can benefit from your product, regardless of their language or location.

I help software companies in a range of ways, from localization of the interface, right through to localization of the user manuals and help topics. Software has a wealth of embedded information; the localization of this data means that your software will run smoothly on all systems. Software localization is hugely important to your clients. Let me help you with it.

My tools of the trade

Website and software localization is, by its very nature, higher tech. Whilst regular translation can (in theory) be done with no more than Microsoft Word, localization benefits from a more high-tech touch, to achieve consistency and compatibility across interfaces and operating systems.

I use the following tools to ensure I provide you with the quality your project deserves:

  • Alchemy Catalyst
  • Passolo
  • Trados Studio
  • MemoQ

Search Engine Optimization can be a double-edged sword. Get it right and you’re on to a winner. Get it wrong and your stats will pay the price. When you add another language into the mix, it adds another layer of complexity. Straight translation of your SEO keywords into Swedish won’t work. I’ve helped dozens of companies access their ideal audience by doing keyword research and localization. Knowing the market, as well as the marketing, makes the difference.

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