Marketing & Communication

My practical experience in marketing gives me the edge over other translators

To launch your products and services to the Swedish market – whether that’s social media campaigns, print materials or multimedia such as videos – requires someone who not only knows the local market, but knows what sells. Marketing gets your foot in the door. I make sure you’re putting your best foot forward in the Swedish market.

I’ve got the relevant experience to help you across a variety of document and project types. Here’s a sample of the kinds of tasks I undertake:

  • Online Marketing Material
  • Corporate communications and marketing material
  • Website Localization
  • Internal and External Training Material
  • eBooks

Sample Projects >>

IT & Technology

Technology is now truly accessible to all, and as consumers become ever-more discerning, having IT hardware, software and technology translated and localized is more important than ever.

Sweden has a past, present and future that’s rooted in tech. Over the years, giants like Skype, Spotify and Swish have arisen from its ranks, and with it has emerged a public who know their tech. I’m no exception. I'm also on your side

My love of IT and tech, along with my demonstrable experience in the field, makes me a great addition to your team. My goal is the same as yours: providing your users with a seamless experience, right from logging on to leaving you rave reviews. These are my main areas of expertise:

  • Localization and Testing of Interface
  • Help Files and Documentation
  • Services and Hardware
  • Network Testing
  • Equipment

Sample Projects >>