Swedish Localization and Website Translation: 4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit
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benefits of swedish localization and website translation to business

If you want to tap into the Swedish business market, you’ll first need to earn their attention.

Breaking into new markets isn’t just about having in-demand products or filling a need. Rather, much of your success will how you adapt your company to their market.

Despite over a third of internet users being non-native English speakers, studies from Forrester Research show that website visitors will stay on a website longer if the content is in their native language.

Localization is the practice of making your website fit within a unique market. The language of the content, the images of the people, pop culture references, or common symbols can all provide the sense that your website was made with an audience in mind.

Take a look at four reasons your business should consider Swedish localization for your content marketing:

1. Localization Increases Sales

User language preferences in Europe have been studied at length. The resulting figures indicate that 90% of users will opt for a website version in their native tongue, regardless of whether or not they speak English.

Even more telling? A whopping 42% of users say they will NEVER do business with a company if the content isn’t in their native language.

2. Localization Offers a Competitive Advantage

Despite the benefits of Swedish localization, your competitors may be failing to capitalize on them. When you employ content localization, it gives you an obvious advantage over businesses trying to compete for your market but have yet to adapt their content.

And if your competitors DO have a localized website, they’re likely the ones to earn the business if you do not. You can upgrade your own content marketing to encroach on their market share.

3. Localization Offers a Native Appeal

Some companies are so thorough and effective at localization that it’s something of a shock to find out they’re not actually based in your home country.

The more you can blend with your target country’s culture, from imagery to linguistics to the arts and more, the better chance you stand of seeming like you belong in their business world.

4. Localization Strengthens Your Global Presence

Even if you’re only doing business in the U.S. and Sweden, localization can put you in a position of global prominence. It’s not easy taking a business across borders, but investing in localization shows that you have the business acumen to adapt to a new market.

And when you can do it once, you can do it again.
What To Do Next
Using professional translation services can help ensure that your content is properly adapted to the Swedish market. Rather than approaching translation word for word, professional Swedish translators take into account the way people talk and integrate language with culture to produce the desired results.

To learn more about localizing your content marketing for your Swedish customers, contact Tess to schedule a free consultation.

Swedish Translation Services is a company owned by Tess Whitty, a freelance translator (English-Swedish), proofreader, editor, copy writer, localizer and entrepreneur.

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