Swedish Translation Services is relocating to Sweden for a year
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May 28, 2012
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June 13, 2012
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Many of you already know that I will be moving back to Sweden for a year soon, and here is part of the email I sent to my valued clients today, which I thought would be good to share on my blog too.

I will be relocating to Sweden for a year starting from June 25 2012, until August 2013. What does this mean for you?

– I will keep my business as usual here in the US and you can still pay me the way you are used to
– I will be in the time zone GMT+1, which is plus 8 hours from my current time zone MST (GMT-7)
– I will immerse myself in my native language and improve my language skills even further with writing classes etc.

After our move, I will be taking a five week vacation to go explore Europe with my family by eurail/interrail. I will be on vacation June 25 to August 1st.
I will still check my email regularly, but might not be able to respond as quickly.
I cannot take on any new projects during this time, but have a list of trusted colleagues that I can refer to upon request.

Swedish Translation Services is a company owned by Tess Whitty, a freelance translator (English-Swedish), proofreader, editor, copy writer, localizer and entrepreneur.


  1. Tom Ellett says:

    Good luck with the move, Tess! Sounds like fun! Having moved in the other direction myself (UK to Canada), I can assure you it’s possible to relocate internationally and still keep your valued clients.

  2. Megan Onions says:

    What a wonderful experience. Enjoy it, Tess! And let me know if you’re in the UK at any point 🙂