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January 29, 2012
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February 16, 2012
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Specializing is good, and one of the more popular specialization for translators is the medical field. It is not one of my specialties, but recently I was recommended two posts on getting into the medical translation field and thought I would pass them on here.

The first blog posts is called “How to gain a foothold as a medical translator in the clinical trials industry” by Transcom, a company specializing in medical translations. This post lists recommendations for you resume and online profile, plus acknowledging the fact that you do need some background in the medical field in order to do a good job.

The other blog post is “Specialising in Medical Translation” on the eCPD Blog, written by Rebecca Wellmanns. It is based on an eCPD Webinar held by Karin Band, an expert medical translator. In this post she gives tips on research aids for medical translation, while stressing the fact that medical translation is a lifelong commitment.

The posts are great food for thought for medical translators and those are interested in the medical translation field. Are you a medical translator and have other great tips? Please share!

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