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May 13, 2011
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May 31, 2011
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It is time for me to sit down and start preparing for the latest planned webinar through ProZ. This time I will talk about software translation and localization from a translators perspective. I have discussed this topic earlier on this blog and this webinar will be instructional and informative in nature. The webinar is next Tuesday, May 24th, 10 am MST, 4 pm GMT.

Software localization and translation has become a multi-million dollar professional industry. If you are familiar with computers, software and technology, software translation can be a very lucrative specialization. This course will introduce you to software localization as a specialization in the translation industry; explain the difference between localization and translation and what role the translator has in the localization process. It will also introduce you to some of the most common software localization tools, advantages and disadvantages, and highlight mistakes you should avoid. After this course the attendees will have a basic knowledge about software localization for translators.

If this sounds interesting, you can find out more by clicking here.


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