Websites for Beginning Translators – Answers to Webinar Questions – Part 2
Answers from Webinar about Creating a Website for Freelance Translators – Part 1
January 14, 2011
Making Your Website Bilingual – one easy and affordable solution
February 2, 2011
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Here is the second post with answers from my webinar about creating a website for freelance translators. One of the questions I got was the purpose of having a website, if it is mainly to get in touch with direct clients as opposed to dealing with agencies. My answer to this question is that it is for both. A website will make it easier for direct clients to find you and you can market yourself better with your own website, but it is also beneficial if you are trying to reach agencies. On a website you are unique, not one among many others in a database.

I was also asked how useful a website can be for beginner translators, due to the lack of translation experience. I would say it is very beneficial, the more exposure you have, the better. On a website you can present your previous work experience, and how this can benefit your career as a translator. As soon as you have done a job or two, ask for a recommendation or testimonial and put this up on your website. You can also list all the projects you have already worked on and what you want to specialize in.

After this I will go into the nuts and bolts, or the content, of the website, and it is better to do that in a separate post. All comments or questions are always welcome.

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