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August 20, 2012
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August 28, 2012
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Swedish tradition in August

Crayfish party - A Swedish tradition

This is the last week before school starts up in Sweden. No, I do not go to school anymore, but my children do, and I cannot wait for them to get back to school so I get more time to focus on my translation work in the day, instead of the evenings. Do not take me wrong, I love spending time with my children, but it gets stressful when I am working at the same time.

The biggest challenge right now at work is to inform all the not so frequent, or new clients about my new work hours. Many still think that I am on MST-time, and not GMT+1, which is understandable since I have kept all my business information the same. I have tried to inform most clients about it, but there are still project managers who are just searching their database for a Swedish translator and find my information there. So I will keep on informing…

I have delivered this week’s exciting new project for an architectural/landscaping firm and I do  hope they will get the job here in Sweden. I have visited the place in question many times. Other jobs have been short software updates for Swedish, a translation of a medical device and some patient instructions. I do enjoy my new specialty area that I have been working on developing during the past years, medical translations. So far I cannot do very specialized translations from one physician or researcher to another, but the translation of patient information and clinical trials are coming along nicely. I am grateful for some of my Swedish translation colleagues, specializing in medical translation, when I need some extra advise.

I was looking forward to

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