What to look for in a professional translator
Why you should hire a professional translator
March 29, 2010
10 tips for working efficiently and productively with a professional translator
April 2, 2010
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Based on the previous blog you are hopefully convinced that to hire a professional translator for a translation job is the right way to go. But how can you tell whether you have found a professional translator or not? Here are some details to pay attention to.

A professional translator is:
– Educated in both source and target languages
– Translating only into his/her native language and is proficient/bilingual in the source language
– Specialized in a few specific subject areas, that usually are closely related to the translator’s background
– Someone with several years of experience in transferring messages from one language to another, either through education and/or work experience
– A good writer
– Experienced in both cultures of the target and source languages
– Passionate about his/her profession and loves to convey the content and intent of the text as exactly as possible to the target language, with appropriate style and terminology.
– Giving attention to detail
– Courteous, reliable, respectful, honest, responsible and competent.

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