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January 16, 2012
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I have been working half time for a week while enjoying another passion,  independent, international films at the Sundance Film Festival. This year I signed up as a volunteer to be able to truly immerse myself in international movies. The experience can be summarized with: ‎10 days, 10 amazing movies, 26 volunteer hours, new and old friends, interesting people, celebrities, music cafe, and parties. Now back to sitting at the computer more, sleeping more, seeing the sun and family more, and resuming my sorely neglected exercise routine.

During this week Eve Bodeux, an expert localization and translation colleague, published a great post on “Writing for Translation”, with some resource tips for people who write English content for an international audience One of my favorites was among her recommendations, and I want to emphasize it for everyone who needs to write English content for a global audience. It is the book “The Global English Style Guide: Writing Clear, Translatable Documentation for a Global Market” by John Kohl.

Here is an excerpt from the book description: “This detailed, example-driven guide illustrates how much you can do to make written texts more suitable for a global audience. Accompanied by an abundance of clearly explained examples, the Global English guidelines show you how to write documentation that is optimized for non-native speakers of English, translators, and even machine-translation software, as well as for native speakers of English.”

This book goes hand in hand with another one of my favorite resources for my clients, i.e. “Plain Language”, which is a movement for clarity, brevity, and precision − and above all, readability.

As a translator and localizer of English written text into Swedish, it is my wish that my clients would take the advice in these two resources to heart. This will not only make texts easier to translate and localize, it will also save money for the clients, since misunderstandings or mistranslations can be avoided and time saved in the translation/localization process.

Swedish Translation Services is a company owned by Tess Whitty, a freelance translator (English-Swedish), proofreader, editor, copy writer, localizer and entrepreneur.


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  2. Eve Bodeux says:

    Thanks, Tess, for mentioning, my article and also for the reminder about Plain Language. The Sundance Festival sounded great – have a great week!