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I’m a human translator, I’m a marketing expert and I’m certified. Sometimes that’s exactly what you need to reach your Swedish customers. I can help you gain brand awareness, reflect your company message, increase website traffic, optimize for search engines, and increase your customer base and revenue in Sweden. Let me translate and adapt your text, copy, software and online material to Swedish.

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Hi, I'm Tess, a certified English-Swedish translator and owner of Swedish Translation Services. Since 2003, me and my team have helped hundreds of companies find their targeted voice on the Swedish-speaking market and attract new customers from Sweden.

I translate, transcreate or localize marketing materials, website copy and software from English into Swedish.

To create something that’s in line with your company message, but in tune with your Swedish audience, you need a Swedish marketer. Even better, you need a Swedish marketer who’s completely bilingual and bicultural. That’s me. You deal in metrics like conversions and click through rates. I deal in the language that allows these to happen.

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  • The quality of translations provided by Tess Whitty are always high and there is never a need to return any of them to re-do. Tess always follows the instructions provided to her for each project where if she has any questions she will ask. Tess always meets deadlines often providing her work before they are reached. Her customer service is professional and polite.
  • Tess has been translating all of our QTRA needs for around 6 years and her translations have always been of a high quality and met our demanding deadlines.
  • Tess is reliable, really friendly and a great communicator. She always delivers on time (or early) and is flexible in the face of last minute changes or issues. She is really nice to work with and I’ve never had any problems with her following instructions. She is organised and professional and I would highly recommend her translation services. Tess is great to work with and is one of our most-valued suppliers. If you want top quality and reliability then look no further! 
  • "I recommend Tess Whitty and Swedish Translation Services. She translated an ethics review application of my doctoral research project from English to Swedish. Tess didn’t simplistically translate an English word to a Swedish one, but through careful and deliberate mining of her considerable language skills, she preserved the distinct meaning of every sentence, paragraph, section etc. The whole process was exact, timely and professional. I am very, very grateful for the excellent job done."
  • "As a project manager, I have only had very positive experiences with Tess Whitty’s translation services. Not only is her work top-rate — a recent client who tends to be rather demanding was very pleased with her creative rendering of the marketing materials in Swedish — but she is also reliable, professional, and quite pleasant to work with."
  • "Thank you for your quality contribution to this translation project. Based on our Swedish editor’s comments, the quality of your translation work was very good and representative of the nature of the original document. We look forward to working with you on future translation projects."
  • "Tess is one of the best Swedish translators I’ve ever worked with. Her commitment to the profession shows clearly in her many activities within the ATA and in having become a premier coach and guiding light for many junior translators, not just for the Swedish language. Her work is always exact, she thinks things through thoroughly, and is always on time. Besides all that, she manages to be personable and easy to work with. Always a pleasure working with Tess."
  • "I just wanted to let you know that I delivered the speech you translated for me at my daughter’s wedding yesterday. To put it mildly, it was a huge hit with both English and Swedish speaking guests. It got big laughs and “aaaaaaawwwwwwws” (from the Swedes) in the right places and great applause from my new Swedish family at the end. I had wanted to thank them for coming and honor them, and that’s exactly how they took the speech. Thank you again very much for your help in making the wedding a great success."
  • "I appreciate the quality of the translation and the proofreading! I will certainly recommend you to our Swedish importer for any other translation."
  • "Tess can be depended upon to provide translations of the highest quality and to do so well before the time promised. Since we work in cosmetics, this frequently requires considerable creative flair combined with expert professionalism. I recommend Tess very highly and look forward to continuing to work with her."
  • "I would highly recommend Tess for English-Swedish translations. She is conscientious, responsive and delivers high-quality translations. Her professionalism and expertise are demonstrated by her insightful questions during the course of a project."
  • "We have high regards for the Swedish translation capabilities of Ms. Whitty – she always delivers on time. She also has the most up to date translation tools."
June 5, 2019
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