What Cheap English to Swedish Translation Really Costs You!
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the real cost of cheap english to swedish translation

Direct translations aren’t as logical as they seem, especially when it comes to your marketing.

  • The Chevrolet Nova didn’t appeal to Hispanic markets because “No va” means “It Doesn’t Go.”
  • Coors failed to attract Spanish-speaking audiences with their direct translation of the “Turn It Loose” tagline, which roughly means “Suffer from Diarrhea” in Spanish.
  • Pepsi’s iconic “brings you back to life” slogan didn’t go over well with Chinese audiences, who took the phrase to mean “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead.”

No company is immune from translation failures. But investing in proper English to Swedish translation services can give you the best chance of attracting your target market and avoid becoming an example of the cost of poor translation.

The Incalculable Costs of Cheap Translations

There’s no telling what kind of profit losses these translations caused their companies, but one thing is certain:

Cheap translation is bad for business.

For starters, having poorly translated content often means paying for the same job twice (that is, if you catch the errors in time). This can significantly cut into your profits and prolong seeing any benefit from your efforts.

Another factor to consider is the impact that different content makes on difference audiences. For example, creating a catchy slogan for English audiences might get lost in translation with your Swedish customers.

Subtle nuances that make your content pop become neglected or diminished without proper translation. As a result, your content may not reach its maximum potential and fail to deliver the expected ROI.

How Much Should English to Swedish Translation Cost?

Though the definition of translation is straightforward, businesses are often surprised to find that not all translation services and options are created equal.

The price of the service is usually telling about the quality. For example, Google Translate is a free online tool that can translate from one language to another. Although it’s a viable option for simple terms and phrases, but can result in inaccuracies for important content.

Google Translate largely lies on direct word-for-word translations. But even those with a minimal understanding of another language know this simply doesn’t work in real life.

Cheaper services offered by some less experienced freelance translators can offer lower price points on English to Swedish translation, but again, quality issues are called into play. The translations may be linguistically accurate, but they may fail to incorporate other elements that can add impact to your message.

Professional translators not only nail the verbiage, but also tailor your content to the appropriate audience in their terms. This is often not the same as how you’d create the same content in English, which is where the biggest value exists in hiring a professional content translator.

In short, translators give your content the best chance at connecting with your international audiences.

To find out more about how a professional translator can help you improve your English to Swedish content marketing, reach out to Tess today to schedule a free consultation.

Swedish Translation Services is a company owned by Tess Whitty, a freelance translator (English-Swedish), proofreader, editor, copy writer, localizer and entrepreneur.

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